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Your Independent Agent: Local, Likable & Lucid

Your Independent Agent: Local, Likable & Lucid

handshakeShopping local is a growing trend with more and more communities banding together to promote commerce within their region. This movement is opposed in the insurance industry by the major marketing push of large insurance carriers trying to promote automated insurance sales to a national audience. Regardless of the marketing budgets of these mega corporations, local independent insurance agencies have proven to be an indispensable resource and offer added value propositions such as financial support, customer service benefits, and community involvement; all of which are unparalleled by automated internet sales.

The financial burden that is created by insurance cannot be overlooked and is a major driver in why consumers shop around for price comparisons. This is also a major benefit provided by local insurance agents. Unlike captive insurance companies which have limited options to choose from, local independent agents are free to shop around through many different carriers in order to find which company will offer coverage at the best rate for each individual. Trusted choice independent agents take a local approach to serving client’s needs, but have a national reach at their disposal for obtaining coverage.

Perhaps the best aspect of having a local independent agent may be the customer service and support. When a local agent provides you with insurance coverage through a carrier, you not only receive the 24/7 claims and customer support directly from that carrier, but you also have a local partner who is in tune to your personal or business needs on your side to work with the carrier, dispute audits, and most importantly facilitate renewal remarketing. When you are insured directly through an insurance company, consumers often times find that their rates slowly increase. When working with an independent agent, clients automatically have their policies checked with multiple different insurance companies every year to ensure that the policy with the most coverage is always in place for the lowest price.

Personalized service is always a top notch priority of any local agent, but what‘s often overlooked is the civic engagement and the degree to which a local agency is involved in their community, which ultimately breeds trust. This sense of communal understanding enables you to sit back and relax knowing that your insurance is taken care of by a professional who understands your needs. Local agents make a living on providing the comprehensive coverage that you need at the competitive price that you desire. Visit your local agent to begin planning your customized protection plan. After all… their door is always open and their office is just down the street!



Moore Resources is a local Independent Insurance Agency located in St. Petersburg, FL and offering Homeowners Insurance, Auto Insurance, Personal Insurance and Business Insurance. As your local independent insurance agent we are proud to cater to all local businesses and individuals within our community. Moore Resources is a proud member of Keep St. Petersburg Local and we will once again be supporting and participating in Localtopia, a celebration of our community.


Please remember that the purpose of this blog is to present general information only. It does not interpret specific policies or coverage. In order to obtain detailed information regarding your insurance, contact a licensed insurance agent.