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Accidents happen regardless of the meticulous care that is demonstrated on daily business activities. When disaster strikes it's good to know you have a Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy in place for the added layer of protection. Here is what you need to know about Umbrella Insurance and 3 main areas where they provide coverage.
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Personal Injury Coverage: Low-cost Homeowner’s Endorsement Pad’s Protection

Personal Injury claims have recently been surfacing in the insurance world and many people are under the false assumption that they are automatically protected by their homeowner’s or renter’s insurance policy. The simple truth is that most standard homeowner’s policies protect individuals from bodily injury and property damages, but do not provide coverage for personal injury. So, what is Personal Injury coverage? Our latest blog explains why you need this protection.
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Can You Afford to Operate Without Business Interruption Insurance?

Business Interruption Insurance, also know as Business Income Insurance, pays for the actual loss of business income that you sustain due to the suspension of your business operations from a covered physical loss on your business insurance policy. This could include a storm, fire, or even a large theft if covered on your policy. When a business is unable to open due to a disaster, there is no revenue generated to pay rent, utilities, and other operating expenses that would still be required. This is where Business income applies. This coverage will reimburse you for lost income, extra expenses, and operating expenses during the period of restoration. In fact, it will even cover payroll for qualified employees so that you don’t lose your staff during an extended closure.
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