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Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season?

Are You Prepared For Hurricane Season?

Are You Prepared for Hurricane Season?

It’s the end of April and Summer is just around the corner. But with the fun of summer, also signifies for Florida Residents the beginning of Hurricane season. It is always a good idea to be prepared long before a Hurricane hits shore. Moore Resources wants to make sure you're prepared, and we attached some tips below to get you started:

Pre-plan evacuation route: With Pinellas and Hillsborough County being located so close to the coast, sometimes it isn’t safe to remain at your home during a Hurricane. Florida residents should be prepared and have an idea in place of where they would go in case of an emergency and most importantly how they will get there.

Keep non-perishable emergency supplies on hand: As the pandemic has taught us, many necessary items can disappear off of store shelves due to panic. It is essential to have emergency supplies on hand in case of this situation. Some examples of these supplies include: matches, batteries, prescription drugs, drinking water, food that doesn’t have to be refrigerated or cooked, and a flashlight.

Have access to First Aid supplies: Having access to First-aid, safety, and hygiene supplies during disaster can help in emergency situations. Some examples of these supplies include: a First-aid kit, adequate supply of personal medication, wet wipes, toilet paper, personal hygiene supplies, and hand sanitizer.

Protect your Pet: One of the biggest victims of hurricanes are pets. With all the chaos, household pets sometimes are abandoned or left behind. Some arrangements that should be made for your pet include any medicines, transportation needs, and shelter needs. Taking these precautions long before a storm arrives can help secure your pet's safety.

Alerts: Power outages are common during Hurricanes and individuals may not be able to receive emergency alerts from their Televisions. Florida Residents should have different ways to receive emergency alerts such as a portable radio and cell phone apps.

Locate your Insurance Policy: Locate your insurance policy and save your Policy Number. If you cannot find your insurance policy or policy number, please feel free to call Moore Resources and we will assist you!

Give us a call today to review any of your insurance policies or stop by our office any time. We are happy to assist you in any way that we can!