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Guarding Against Water Damage Equals Saving on Homeowners Insurance

When the topic of water damage to Florida homes arises, it’s generally perceived to be caused by rising tides. In all actuality, water damage losses from in-home plumbing and appliances are rapidly increasing and may cause extensive damage to your home and personal belongings. Insurance companies throughout Florida have acknowledged the potential threat of in-home water damage and have responded by rewarding homeowners who take preventative measures. You may be eligible for discounts to your homeowner’s insurance premium by protecting your home from common culprits such as faulty appliances, hoses, pipes and drains.

Uncertainty Surrounds Floridian Flood Rates

United States law makers are actively debating current legislation that may significantly impact the wallet of millions of homeowners. As Floridians, we once again find ourselves embedded in uncertainty and focused on the recent developments of Capitol Hill. As changes to the National Flood Insurance Program seem to be inevitable, insurance companies throughout Florida are readying for the severance of subsidized rates.

Florida Ranks Among the Nations Most Active Tornado States

With all the recent devastation that has taken place throughout the Midwest due to tornadoes, the term “Funnel Cloud” has become a word of increasing sensitivity. The plains region of the U.S. has been coined Tornado Alley due to the sheer volume of tornadoes. However if statistics are any indication, it may be time to rebrand Florida from Sunshine State to “Cyclone Side-Street”. Florida, along with Oklahoma and Texas, has the highest concentration of tornadoes in the United States. Although the native tornadoes generally pale in comparison to the much larger and more powerful tornadoes of the Midwest, they are still able to pack a potent punch.

Identity Theft is No Longer a Personal Matter

Many publicized instances of identity theft have been brought to public attention over the past decade, reinforcing the need to keep personal information such as social security numbers and banking information completely covert. Considering identity theft to be common place in today’s society, imagine your federally issued tracking number displayed on the internet as public record. Before your counter this claim as fallacy, realize that this is exactly the case for business entities in the state of Florida.