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Tag Archives: Workers Comp

Does Workers Compensation Insurance Cover My Employees Out-of-State?

Business demands do not usually halt at state borders which prompts many CEO’s and business owners to ponder the question of insurance protection for their employees when venturing across state lines. Our lastest blog discusses the complexity surrounding workers compensation insurance for out-of-state employees.

How to Prevent Workplace Injuries

Revenues, profit margins, debt ratios and tax implications are often the emphasis of young entrepreneurs and generally the focal point of running a business. However, one topic just as important that is not generally featured in Business Management 101 is workplace safety. Many business leaders fail to realize the deeper impacts that these workplace accidents create. Here is an overview of the overlooked impact of workplace accidents and 10 tips on how to prevent work-related injuries.

Pay-As-You-Go Workers’ Comp Insurance

Business owners are finding a new solution to their workers’ compensation complications. Rather than stifle their administrative staff with painstaking audits or cripple their cash flows with large premium down payments. Many employers are taking advantage of payroll reporting as an alternative to workers’ compensation billing.

Don’t Forget to File or Renew your Florida Workers’ Comp Exemption

In the state of Florida, owners of corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) are included for workers’ compensation coverage and its correlating premium cost determination. Owners may however opt out of this requirement and specify their exclusion by filing an exemption through the state of Florida’s Division of Workers Compensation Website. Although Sole Proprietorships and…