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Your Golf Cart Could Jeopardize Your Driver’s License

Your Golf Cart Could Jeopardize Your Driver’s License

Street legal golf carts have become a hot commodity in affluent neighborhoods throughout Florida and seem to be growing in popularity. But as these Low Speed Vehicles gain momentum with local residents, ramifications of improper insurance have suspended the driving privileges of many Golf Cart owners.

Golf CartGolf Carts are a great means of traveling short distances and for this reason have surfaced in abundance in suburban communities and high-end neighborhoods. However, golf carts that are registered for road use and maintain a license tag must also maintain proper insurance. The common thought process amongst golf cart owners is that the low speed vehicle is covered on their homeowner’s policy. This is usually an accurate assessment, as many homeowner’s Insurance carriers will extend coverage to personal property such as a golf cart. It is always important to review your homeowner’s insurance policy to find what coverage is provided because even when protection from the homeowners insurance is in place, these policies cover only property damage liability which means that if you are involved in a crash, you are unprotected.

The repercussions of improper golf cart insurance is more commonly felt by consumers when they receive notice from the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles (HSMV). Even if the navigatation of a street legal golf cart is done without error, many owners are receiving notice that their Driver’s License is suspended due to inadequate insurance coverage on their ‘Low Speed Vehicle’. Although the golf cart may be covered by the owners’ Home Insurance policy, the HSMV requires Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Coverage on all golf carts, low speed vehicles, and neighborhood electric vehicles. If your golf cart is registered with HSMV for use on public roads, then you must maintain the minimum PIP coverage of $10,000 or your license will be suspended by the state.

PIP coverage can be obtained by adding the golf cart to your auto insurance policy which will also provide additional coverage above and beyond what is offered on most homeowners policies. When purchasing golf cart coverage, always ask your insurance agent specifically to list your golf cart as an insured item under your policy. It is important to consult with an insurance professional regarding the insurance protection provided and seek competent legal counsel regarding the state laws and legal issues.

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