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Don’t Forget to File or Renew your Florida Workers’ Comp Exemption

In the state of Florida, owners of corporations and Limited Liability Companies (LLC’s) are included for workers’ compensation coverage and its correlating premium cost determination. Owners may however opt out of this requirement and specify their exclusion by filing an exemption through the state of Florida’s Division of Workers Compensation Website. Although Sole Proprietorships and…
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Flood Insurance Options are Available for Homeowners

Insurance companies are getting very creative in providing Flood Insurance options. Initially offered through FEMA and WYO (Write-Your-Own) Carriers, the Flood Insurance marketplace has exploded and is littered with private market carriers offering everything from consumer facing web-based quoting portals to Flood Insurance endorsements added directly to Homeowner’s Insurance Policies. Stay up to date with the options available to you.
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A Preferred Flood Insurance Policy (PRP) Should Be Homeowners’ 1st Preference

There are constant reminders aired on the evening news of the importance of flood insurance; and as we are continually reminded of Mother Natures’ power, apprehensions seem uneased over the course of protecting our homes from devastation. How could we forget the haunting ramifications from the Biggert Waters Act of 2012? And just when you thought your home was safe from not only rising flood water but also rising flood premiums, coastal Floridians find themselves at a cross roads for Flood Insurance plans due to the remapping of flood zones by FEMA.
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